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Totara Club

Day activity programmes for older people


The Totara Club programme is for isolated or frail older people living in the community. 

  • Totara Club provides senior citizens with the chance to meet others for company, activities and outings.
  • Opportunities for maintaining skills, interests and community interaction 
  • Totara Club caters for different needs and levels of support.
  • Professionally trained staff co-ordinate and supervise the programme.
  • In most cases transport to and from home is available and usually a midday meal is provided

Keep the brain working...

  • Topical discussionsThe Totara club North Canterbury
  • Reminiscence
  • Guest speakers
  • Word and board games, quizzes

Keep the body moving...

  • Exercise and relaxation
  • Gardening, walking
  • Indoor games eg bowls, quoits
  • Outings

Keep a smile on the face...

  • Companionship
  • Fun and laughter

Totara Club is able to access funds from Ministry of Health and Work and Income for most people who use this service. 
DHB Clinical Assessment teams (PSE and CST) assess clients for entry to day activity programmes and eligibility for appropriate DHB funding.

Who benefits from Totara Club?

For the older person our programme provides social opportunities, motivation and appropriate activities.

For carers, day respite allows time to pursue their own interests or activities or just have a rest.

We place special emphasis on enhancing the dignity and wellbeing of Club members.

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